Foot Hook

About Us

So who is the team behind the Foot Hook? We are a team of designers, engineers, small business owners and germ-conscious consumers. Our goal is to help businesses get back to business in a way that keeps everyone involved safe and healthy.  


February 2020 - We at Klugonyx, a full-service product development firm in Salt Lake City, were brainstorming ways we could utilize our talents and resources to help others in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

From Left: Aaron, Izzy, Ed, Jason, Allysa, Hunter. Not Pictured: Martina & Luke.

Jason spoke with his mom shortly after where she mentioned having to use a hands-free door opener at a restaurant which damaged her shoe. Upon Jason's request, she sent a photo of the door opener citing how awful the experience was - this sparked the idea for the Foot Hook. 

Our designers, engineer, sales director and operations director immediately went to work to brainstorm better alternatives for businesses to have an effective germ and hands-free method of opening doors for their customers. The team-founded company, Foot Hook, was officially established and sketches and prototypes were already being conceived. 


Today, we're in the process of creating more germ-free products to solve the problem of your customers safely interacting with doors. Stay tuned for a new product reveal, coming soon!